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Our Origins

The Soul Sweet City Living Collection is designed to let users stay close to the rhythm of city living in Hong Kong. Our totes are made from materials that should be light-weight and soft. We exhaust our use of canvas fabric wherever possible, capitalizing on the intrinsic property of canvas as a fabric that is agile enough and rich in texture to present the user's unique personality. The totes should be light enough for the user to carry as he/she travels around on the subway express, or stroll with leisure on streets for a prolonged period of time. We believe canvas totes are reliable companions for one who uses totes more for their practicality than the brand values otherwise attached to the mainstream offerings.

We also source and produce totes from quality leather of leather look fabric in lasting styles to meet diverse needs in different living occasions, highlighting splendor and etiquettes of the users. Whether you are running errands, taking loads of reference books to attend classes, spending a day of outing for photographs, shopping for ingredients to bake your own bread loafs, we hope you'll find our totes useful, adding colors to your living and brightening your look.

Soul Sweet aspires to share with you on this platform wonderful little things in life. We welcome your submission of short essays, pictures or photographs that improvises gracefulness of living. We also seek to, through contributing writers or correspondents, explore and share on this platform small agenda and topics that are otherwise omitted or ignored by the mainstream media.

Truly uneventful daily living that everyone is comfortable to lead is in fact fragile, and requires support from an open society of fair and just social order. Soul Street is never a self soothing behaviours. It is a treasure that all of us should devote our best endeavors to protect and safeguard as we enjoy the beauty of nature, breathe of freedom, the respect for individual choices and the egalitarian values.