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Brand Manifesto of Soul Sweet City Living

Shopping in a modern mall environment has been overwhelmed by retail establishments featuring ambiences that essentially push to you what fashion and style are all about. These could be values that everyone is after yet belong to no one. Soul Sweet believes people are not just customers. They are living souls that should be untied from this entangled web of consumerism. They should have, and be led by their own dreams. They should be offered more choices.

Soul Sweet is a concept originally introduced by the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami that describes pleasure derived from happiness of having small, lucky happenings in life, the pleasure that needs no definition, attaches to no material being and belongs really to oneself. It could be a glass of iced lemon tea after light exercise, lying on a clean bed sheet in the tender shades of sunlight in an afternoon, a soft ice-cream bought on your way to somewhere. These are small things that sweeten one's soul. This is what the concept of Soul Sweet is all about.

Soul Sweet City Living aspires to bring to those who are in search of meanings in life to share on this platform good things in life and enjoy the pleasure of shopping online. Soul Sweet represents an attitude of simplicity in living. Soul Sweet listens to oneself from the bottom of one's heart, appreciates the beauty of simple living, moistens and conditions all dry souls and spirits.

Our small online shop provides high quality, long-lasting designed products and encourages local designs. We hope you will be moved from revisiting meaning of living in this city, have your soul sweetened and revitalized your own way.